Discovery domes | Platinum

a place for a few to discover the Divine Deosai 

An experience like no other! These domes are carefully developed for the environment of Deosai. Spacious, with panoramic window and a great ventilation design makes it a dream come true. Aesthetically and functionally designed interior enables you to connect with the nature on another level. Hardwood floor, furniture and bedding will keep you cozy and comfortable throughout your stay.  Icing on the top is the attached wooden washroom with running hot and cold water.  


2 persons

Exclusive Bathroom


Parking area

Solar powered


No smoking

Bath kit

Cleaning service



PKR 42,000 / night

*2 person without any meals

3 extra beds available charges 

*PKR 2500 each

" Management reserves the right to change rates at any time."

Explore More

PKR 15,000 / night

*2 person with breakfast 

per extra bed charges *PKR 1500

Viewers Den

PKR 20,000 / night

*2 person with breakfast 

Arch of View

PKR 26,000 / night

*2 person with breakfast

per extra bed charges *PKR 2500